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MBS RECAP: Introducing The "Snow Cohn"

Posted To: MBS Commentary

What do you get when bond markets embark on a snowball rally due to headlines concerning Trump's Economic Advisor Gary Cohn? A delicious "Snow Cohn," of course (my team of writers assured me that was worth what I paid). In all seriousness, there were some serious tweets earlier today concerning Cohn's potential resignation and there was certainly a snowball rally that followed. Interestingly enough, even when the tweets were debunked (he's not really resigning) there wasn't a profound bounce back in the initial market movement. While some might suspect the terror attacks in Spain were the reason for that, we probably would have seen a bigger reaction in $/Yen and European equities futures were that the exclusive case. Spain may have contributed to the overall demand...(read more)

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Trump Administration Drama Pushing Rates Even Lower

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates fell yesterday in response to a tweet about Trump disbanding his councils of CEOs. Twitter was in play again today . This time around it was Gary Cohn, Trump's economic advisor. Rather, it was rumors of Cohn's departure that sent financial markets into a tail-spin. Terror attacks in Spain may have played a supporting role. The net effect was heavy losses for stocks and solid gains for bonds. When bonds improve, rates fall . Mortgage lenders continue to be slow to pass along the gains in bond markets in general, but they're certainly passing them along. Multiple lenders issued positive reprices in the afternoon as bond markets rallied. Conventional 30yr fixed rates are increasingly being quoted at 3.875% as opposed to 4.0% on top tier scenarios. On average, rates are the lowest...(read more)

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Do’s and Don’t’s For Divorce Attorneys (and Their Clients Owning Real Estate)

Posted To: Community Commentary

As a mortgage loan officer, I typically work with home buyers who are moving up, buying their first house, or buying a vacation or investment house. My refinances are often rate and term – (lowering the client’s payment) or cash-out for a specific purpose like paying down credit card debt. Working with separating and divorcing clients is a particular area of my expertise. One or both parties often need to buy a new home, sell their current home, or refinance their partner off the mortgage if retaining their home. Rules regarding divorce or separation status vary from state to state , including community property state specific laws. Working with a knowledgeable attorney and lender will help you and your client move forward in their lives. Because I specialize in assisting Virginia...(read more)

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